East Central Region, ACPE

The East Central Region of The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. consists of Clinical Pastoral Education Centers that are multicultural, multifaith organizations devoted to providing pastoral education and improving the quality of ministry and pastoral care offered by spiritual caregivers through clinical education methods. The training Centers of the East Central Region, ACPE are located within Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Applications for Clinical Pastoral Education should be submitted directly to the Center in which training is desired.

Regional Director:




The Reverend Dennis E. Kenny

661 Park Lane

Chelsea, MI  48118

Phone: (734) 904-7547

E-mail:  RD@ecracpe.org 



There is an Announcement and Discussion Yahoo Group for the East Central Region of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE). It is used by all members for announcements, as a discussion forum, general news, rapid information disemination by the Websites Manager, Regional Director and others in the East Central Region. Requests for prayer support may also be posted. Please Click the link below to login to the group.

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