East Central Region, ACPE
Leadership in the Region

Regional Director: Dennis E. Kenny
Chair: Bob Uken  2014
Chair Elect: Beth Newton Watson  2014
Chair Elect: Maria Coulter-McDonald (01/01/15 - 12/31/16)
Secretary: Darl Hanson 2016
Accreditation: Carol Green  2016
Standards: Yoke Lye Kwong 2016
Budget & Investment Chair: John Peterson 2016
Board of Representatives:
    Ted Hodge   2014
    Amy Green  2016
Certification Co-Chairs:
    Frank Impicciche [Regional]  2016
    Yvonne Valeris [Regional]  2016
Certification National Commission:
    Frank Impicciche  2016    
    Carl Buxo  2014
    John Peterson  2015
    Yvonne Valeris 2017
Clinical Members' Chair: Martha Amann
Nominations Chair:  
Bill Foster  2015
Professional Ethics: Karl Van Harn 2016
REM:  Karen Morrow
History Chair:

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