East Central Region, ACPE
ACPE Standards and Manuals were published in 2016. Please check the Certification Commission section of the national website for current information. Students in the Certification process are responsible for updated Procedures and Polices. Please check the procedures and deadlines regularly for updated facts. For complete details on all Certification matters, refer to the ACPE Certification Manual and Certification Policies and Procedures Manual.
Inquiries for Certification

Questions/Inquiries Regarding Regional Certification to:
Rev. Dr. Yvonne Valeris, M.Div., Certification Co-Chair [for Regional Committee]
Pastoral Education Coordinator
ACPE Supervisor, Pastoral Services
The Christ Hospital Health Network
2139 Auburn Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio  45219
Office Phone: (513) 585-2266
Fax: (513) 585-3171

Note to Supervisory Education Students and Supervisory Candidates:

The East Central Region Certification Committee meets twice a year, once in February and again in September.  A priority is given to applicants needing to meet a committee for a vote (Candidacy and Extensions), but we see Readiness applicants when there is available space.

Supervisory Education Students (SES) and others interested in the Certification process are encouraged to read the 2016 ACPE Standards and the 2016 Certification Manual to find out the latest in terms of what is required in the Certification process.

The next opportunity to meet the Certification Committee at the Regional Conference will be at the spring Regional Meeting on February 22-23, 2017 in Hueston Woods State Park Lodge. (Committees will meet on Wednesday and Thursday before the conference begins). Deadline for submission of Application and Fee must be postmarked by December 14, 2016. Materials to committee members must be postmarked no later than January 18, 2017.

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CPE Certification Committee Application and Letter of Intent

·    Application to meet a regional committee along with the certification for candidacy and extensions fee must be postmarked by the announced deadline and mailed to: 
Rev. Dr. Yvonne Valeris, M.Div., Pastoral Education Coordinator, ACPE Supervisor, Pastoral Services, The Christ Hospital Health Network
2139 Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
·   Letter of Intent to meet a regional committee must be postmarked by the announced deadline and mail to: Sheilah Hawk at the ACPE office. Email a copy of the Letter of Intent toyvonne.valeris@thechristhospital.com.

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